Drafts for Final Piece


This will be the first draft for the Summative Assessment, and I have spent almost half a day just to finish it because the ideas took me most of the time just to think about the Gestalt principles.  I was really struggling to think of the design because it is really hard to apply a Gestalt law into a design that is about a talent show, and I realised nobody has ever done something like this.

I then began to brain storm what could there be in a talent show, a clown? a pet? an instrument? No. It’s a school’s talent show, you need a mic, a microphone so everyone could hear you. Well, also you need a speaker, or a singer, to show the talent you’ve got. So, I have got the idea of using microphones and speakers because that’s the most important thing in a school’s talent show!

I have decided to use the law of Simplicity because everything I would be having is going to be in shapes, and that’s what Gestalt Theory is all about. I want to let people think something like: ” How is this even art? It’s just shapes everywhere.” Yes, this is what I want from people, because I want to provoke their mindset and tell them my artwork is not just shapes, it’s more than what you think! I also want people to realise how important Gestalt Theory is in art, it makes you think shapes in a whole when there is unity of two different shapes, I’m going to change their perception.

This is the first sketch I have done for the draft, it looks really nonsense I understand, because our brain causes it to be like that. Right now, you will only see the SHAPES (circles, triangle, and can you see the rectangle too?)

What did you see?

What did you see?

As explained as a concept in Gestalt Theory, the sum of the whole is greater than the parts you see you a picture. So, what did you see in the picture now without looking solely at the shapes? Did you actually see two humans standing?

Does the changes alter your perception? I believe... no, because you can only perceive shapes :)

Does the changes alter your perception? I believe… no, because you can only perceive shapes 🙂

Now we know there are two people standing in the picture. And the ‘thing’ in between them actually gives us another clue. But no one could know because what we know now is that there are two squares that has made a rectangle lying on a big rectangle with both edges of two circles, this is how we learn the way our brain perceives.


In this image, you will find out two things: the image is digitally coloured (of course not in reality) and there are only two shapes that got coloured. The reason why it’s digitally coloured because…. I forgot to take a picture of it as I was busy thinking, and I don’t feel like ruining this entire artistic development so I decided to do it this way to show my exploration of ideas through this developmental process.

However, I failed. This time I remembered to take a picture because it was just too unexpected, and I got extremely frustrated.


I know this looks awful, so I gave up.

But I don’t give up easily.

So I tried again. 🙂


*Digitally edited* And yes I forgot to take a picture again before the next process

Does this give you any clue about my message? Or you’re just seeing a cylinder with two triangles?


I know it doesn’t look dry because I was afraid I might forget to take a picture again :p

What about this? This time I can confidently tell 90% knows what’s the ‘cuboid’ already. I guess this is where the epiphany starts!

I still think the white part look unprofessional, and looks pretty incomplete.



I used black glitters in the “ex-draft” and it looks absurd, so this time I decided to use white glitters! The reason why I put glitter is I want to show that we should look shine in talent shows, because that’s why we go there. Now it looks better! Well, but there’s something missing…. the mic’s button, doesn’t it look plain? I don’t want my work to look too plain, and actually I want to trick my viewers.



Does it look better? For that particular element, I’m actually trying to apply law of Proximity because even though they are not law of similarity, they are close to each other and they are symmetrical, this has actually portrayed a very successful principle of art. And I think I’m done! 🙂

It does look perfect for me, but then I think again the white circle doesn’t really make sense because it doesn’t look like it could do something in there. So, I added this:


Now it looks more Gestalt, isn’t it? In my personal perception, other than the shapes, I can perceive two little humans and two mics.

Taa-daa, the design is fully completed! Now could you see how obvious the law of Simplicity is? Do you see two mics or a cuboid with the unity of two humans or just triangles? If you don’t probably you’re not using Gestalt Theory to observe, “a sum of the whole is better than the parts”.

I personally like how I have used unity quite well in this design. Well, if you could notice, it’s also symmetrical! Hmm.. “unprofessionally symmetrical” because it’s meant to be a draft. And the lines I have used are definitely high in significance because they imply the entire meaning of this design, well of course the Gestalt Theory made the whole thing looks a wonderful design! Now I know the feeling of making a design filled with Gestalt principles, it’s just so perfect.

I think this design has excellently showed the theme of Fairview’s talent show, did you realise that I have used blue in colour because that’s the school’s main colour, and it’s in light blue because it portrays the youths in the talent show. I hope I could trick people by making them ask me: “why are they only shapes?” and this is the provokation I want to make in this art piece! Also, I want to show how art is so important in here, because people wouldn’t have known what my message is without the colours.

Well, before ending this, these are the mediums I have used for this piece of draft.

Though I have forgotten so many important things, which is truly irresponsible, I think I have done a great job on this draft, because I have applied Gestalt Theory inside and that is considered as the most challenging thing in this entire process. Despite that… I have also done the biggest mistake ever in Visual Art. I can’t believe that I didn’t literally record the process of doing this favourite piece of mine!


Oh dear, just realised I haven’t done so many things after today’s lesson! Luckily I haven’t used any sort of marker to draw my sketch, but I guess I will only start the thumbnails sketch for the next two sketching since I have already done two and I don’t feel like wasting them. So, to increase my visual knowledge and to avoid “essays writing”, i will start analysing my own art work now and will update when I have finished all my designs!

I can’t believe that my draft is not accepted at all just because I have actually added glitters that is completely banned from the IBO, I’m very disappointed of myself. :C But I should take this positively that I will be doing an even greater piece of design! I still think my concept is the best!

So I just have to re-do by excluding the glitters… and basically there’s not much work as I have already explained most of them above.

These are the evidences of my developmental processes:

As I have already explained most of my artistic intentions, plus I don’t want to make my designs look boring as I write too much, I’ve created a mindmap to explain my overall analysis of my design. The analysis consists of the Gestalt laws, Principles of art and Elements of art, well there is also some related notation about the key concepts and related concepts!



I have always wanted to create a masterpiece that could inspire people, and persuade their perspective, which is pretty hard. But now, I think I could, and I think I could even persuade viewer’s perception today.

In my second draft, I want to use the law of Continuity because I want to make reflections of human in this design. I want to show how great a person could be if you see the true potential, so I want to make my design look irony and provokative.


I could have done better I know… But since this is just a draft, the idea inside is what makes it valued. This piece of work looks quite clear, I believe most people can instantly guess what’s in the picture, and even guess this work has got the law of Continuity. Black symbolises mysterious, so the mysteriousness inside is to show that each person has its own hidden side that hasn’t been shown to public, and this is how people show their uniqueness in real life. And I’m putting two human in to show that not just one person would have shown his potential in talent show, but everyone that has the courage to participate is already the star in school.



Orange colour used is to symbolise energy and excitement and also cheer in the design, because I think orange can always give people an unexpected excitement to viewers. The most important thing about the colour orange is, it also stimulates enthusiasm and creativity (Emily Gems). Did you realise I also put the colour orange in the previous draft? But I didn’t mention about the meaning because I want to show every single design I have made are connected, “indirectly”.


I also try to apply the law of Similarity as I want to show the “mysteriousness” is unleashed when participators in the talent show start to amaze you with their unseen potential. The law of Similarity in this design also shows that we’re all similar in some ways as we all came from the same ancestor. Also, I actually want to make the “T” shape, to indirectly show that this is a talent show.


Don’t they just look so shiny? I just love glitters so much because they could make so many different meanings in a design, even for the last design I have used glitters. I want to tell viewers that they shine more than you think they could have ever been before, they don’t have a face because people never value them at all when they don’t realise the amount of potential they have got inside them. And this is how I want to express the real meaning of talent show, it’s to change people’s perception and perspective.

With the mics coloured, I believed I’m all done! But I still doubt people would know if there’s actually a “T” shape in the middle, so I decided to just add something obvious to show my expression in the design.


Does it look better now? And this has also makes it another law of Gestalt – law of Proximity.


This design is mainly to encourage people to be braver to stand on the stage, and they shouldn’t be afraid of getting judged because everyone gets judged all the time and you get afraid because you accept the judges. I once heard a quote from Nelson Mandela which goes something like: ” People are brave not because they are born that way, but it’s because they have overcome their fear “. So I want to tell viewers not to be the “mysterious” ones, be the shining one in the design! I try to make this provokative because I want viewers to change their perception and perspective about people participating on the stage, it’s harder than anyone would think. But people somehow think it’s just singing or performing on stage. This could mean the entire school life in a secondary school.

This is my design design C: And I’m pretty glad about it though the artistic skills are quite under-quality, but it’s the Gestalt Theory that makes this design look wonderful. I hope I could change viewer’s perception and perspective through this design.



As I’m not allowed to use glitters and other unprofessional materials, re-doing it again shall be my karma of not reading the instructions carefully…

However, redoing it has also led me into another greater idea of my second design! (not truly a karma now)

So, apart from the law of Continuity, I have actually also apply the law of Figure and Ground! This should be the hardest Gestalt law because I need to really think how the images combine as one, and I have basically done something like that but I think I will have to consider if the viewers actually understand.

These are the processes of my design:


And don’t forget about my analysis!




This is my third design, and I have decided to use the law of Figure and Ground because it’s just so great to trick people’s perception and perspective, and this design is actually provokative and I will be changing viewer’s perspective! Below is my process of creating my design:



As for the last design, I have used the design that I created on the grid technique because I just realised this technique is very important in creating. I would like to compare how different method of designing shows different way of personal and cultural expression.

There’s not much of a developmental process as pencil is the only tool I have used for this design, while the design is mostly texts as an art form. I want to make it look provocative by making my texts look creative so viewers might stare at my design, *chuckle*


As you can see there’s not much colour in this design because I actually want viewers to see the difference of looking at a coloured poster with black and white poster that can send different message to them. In this design, I’m not focusing a lot in art because I think the texts are comparably much more important as it directly give information to viewers. But the provocative part is they are tricked by the Gestalt law I have applied in this design, which gives them some brain work so that they could understand what I’m really writing about in the poster.

And I realised grid technique can actually help us in organising the composition of our design, which can also help to lead the viewer’s attention on the design. I should have done that for the previous 3 ugh!

Next week will be the week for submission already, can’t wait to see how these designs would look like in my final piece!


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