About Her

First and foremost, these are the general facts about me:

1. My full name is Michelle Seow Seak Fong
2. I’m 15
3. Favourite colour is purple
4. Favourite fruit is watermelon and once I bought a shoes with them on it just because I love them a lot
5.Ambition is to be a doctor but most of my friends doubt it
6. Can never live without an ukulele
7. People’d actually think I’m if I actually stop talking for a day, sometimes less than that

And, I’m Malaysian-Chinese-Indonesian. 🙂

I believe that everyone’s unique in their ways in spite of how they’re indistinct superficially, in fact I do believe we are all warriors fighting for our lives and future.

I’m a teenager, but I know I’m more than that. I may not understand things most of the time, but I think I feel more than people do most of the time.

Most of my friends say I’m a smart person, but I think everyone is. Sometimes my brain doesn’t give great things while the others come up with extraordinary things I would never have thought, it’s always about how much effort you yourself want to put in to impress people. I still get judged and scolded unreasonably because I’m still learning how to grow up.

I love rainbow, not just because it looks colourful or artistic, but it looks perfect for me, and I know human like me always wants things to be perfect. And I always know, everyone’s already perfect when their heart has feelings and rainbow will eventually appear after a long rain.


And we’ll never let go the balloons until we reach up to the sky


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