About Her Teacher

Taken by my ex-classmate Lianne, and also edited by her, thank you very much :p

Finally I get my chance to talk badly about him publicly, but first let me introduce about him. He’s Mr. Mike, full name Mike Mitchell, and some people calls me Mitchell so that could be the reason why he’s one of my favourite teacher. I don’t know his age and I forgot why I didn’t try to ask him, but I know his favourite colour is red, and I don’t see how at all.

He came when Grade 9 quarter 1 ended, and we all got excited because finally we got a male English teacher. He taught us for a full quarter about poems but he did mention he was supposed to teach art. Indeed, after Semester 1 ended, we were informed  he was going to be our art teacher. Ugh, you know… that feeling you get when your English teacher suddenly transform into your Art teacher.

However, as time goes by, I can’t really find any reason to dislike him. Even though I still don’t get why he chose red as his favourite colour, but he always have his reasons when he’s making a decision. We might not be really good at drawing or making everything perfectly, he would always let us express our creativity and let us learn through our experience.

He’s a really trendy teacher so it’s really easy to interact with him. Well, also he’s also really bad at scolding sometimes because he’d always laugh at himself after he did that. Despite that, he could be really mad if you don’t do his homework.

In conclusion, he’s an amazing teacher and this year will be an awesome one with him C:


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