About This Blog

I have got so many blogs but none of them worked out because I was never consistent to update them and it turned out to be nothing but trashes. However, this blog is something so different in comparative to the others, because this blog is meant for Mr. Mike and my Visual Art grades. This blog will remain updated until my Grade 11 ends which is after my moderation years and my pp, I know it’s the worst nightmare ever!

This blog will mainly focus on the unit I’m going to be learning throughout my Grade 10 and 11 Visual Art, but at the same time I would also post some interesting stuff about the unit I’m learning. So for this unit, I’m actually learning about myself, learning about how people interact in the sundry of methods and learning how these make a difference in changing our perspective. We don’t get the same information from listening, reading and looking, and in this blog, you will find out the concept behind all these.


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